Clickertraining Website Review & Ratings + Clickertraining Coupons
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Clickertraining Website Review & Ratings + Clickertraining Coupons

Clickertraining: Products & Services

Karen Pryor ClickerTraining is the center for clicker training accessories, educational products and training. They focus on training solutions which includes; training kits, videos, books, and clickers. They are serving pet-owning community, horse lovers, and animal and human caregivers ranging from trainers, veterinarians and shelter workers to zoo keepers. They are helping to raise a great dog through their dog training. They also help you interact with your cat in ways you never thought possible by means of their cat training. Furthermore, almost animals can be trained from dolphins to horses and more thru their other animals training kit. The company also features find s great dog trainer through their find a trainer page. And just by going to their store page lots of stuff is offered for sale from clickers and training gear to agility sports and equipment to gift and accessories and more!

Clickertraining: Company Background

Karen Pryor Clickertraining is also known as Sunshine Books, Inc. is a leader in the field of animal training and a recognized world leader in the science and application of marker-based positive reinforcement. It is founded by Karen Pryor as being the CEO of the company too. Aaron Clayton is the President of the company.  The company is situated in 49 River Street, Suite #3 Waltham, MA 02453-8345.

Clickertraining: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Karen Pryor Clickertraining receives customer reviews favorably. The ratings were above average ranging from 4-star and 5-star. The founder of the company got 5-star rating as being an awesome author. If high points occur, low points sometimes may come up too! One of their products was rated 1-star. Furthermore as a whole the site got a high rating of 5-start for being a great website “What a great website! Karen Pryor innovated clicker training with dolphins, and her company takes the mission to all species, even humans. Tons of free articles teaching you about clicker training in every particular situation, listing of clicker training events, and books, videos and gear from their publishing company. The central spot for a revolution in animal training.” this is a submitted from

Clickertraining: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Karen Pryor Clickertraining is not recognized by the Better Business Bureau. Zero result matching for the company therefore it is not accredited by the bureau. The company has been featured many times in several media outlets. It has been featured to the The New Yorker, Zootoo features Clicker Training and Don’t Shoot the Dog, GQ Magazine, and much more media.  The site also has certification with Secure Shopping 128 bit SSL.

Clickertraining: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows one (1) submitted reviews for with a rating of 5-star. The site has a global rank of 126,388. Another factor for the site popularity is the 1,369 sites linking into it. Roughly 46% of visits to the site consist of only one page view. The site has 25.17% search traffic with a count of 1,369 sites linking into it and with average impact on search queries. The Google PageRank value is 4 out of 10 with estimated 9,510 unique visitors visited the site per month.

Clickertraining: Social Media Presence

Karen Pryor ClickerTraining is maintaining a blog for their customers and fans which are updated on a daily basis. Their social media presence is quite popular they can be found on Facebook with 48,855 likes. Follow them on their Twitter page with 5,643 followers. Do photo streaming on their Flickr page and watch amazing videos on their YouTube channel. The links to their social networking sites are clickable on the right side of their main page on the middle part and on their blog page as well.     

Clickertraining: Website Security & Safety

Karen Pryor ClickerTraining is operated by Yahoo e-commerce which apparently has the credibility when it comes to secure online transaction. The site also has Secure Shopping 128 bit SSL which all orders are served through a secure https connection using 128-bit SSL v2/v3 encryption. The site uses (https ://) connection when taking payment information however, the page includes other resources which are not secure. Check through Google’s diagnostics page the site positively listed as not suspicious as a result; no malicious software has been found nor didn’t appear to function as a midway for other sites to be infected for the past 90 days.

Clickertraining: Pricing & Packages

Karen Pryor ClickerTraining line of training solutions—including training kits, videos, books, and clickers, these lines of products were crafted personally by the founder of the company Karen Pryor. Therefore, it was all priced lower compared to other online shop. For products such as animal accessories, shelter tools, and more were in competitive rates too. They have 5 items selected as best sellers including ; Dog Training Kit, i-Click Jewel 4 Pack, Reaching the Animal Mind, Thundershirt, and Puppy Start Right. The pricing on their top level products is ranging from $7.50 to $40.00

Clickertraining: Shipping Rates & Policies

Karen Pryor ClickerTraining attempts to ship all orders within one business day that is from Monday to Friday. Their shipping method includes; US Priority Mail, International Air Mail, and UPS shipping. Sales tax of 6.25% will be added to Massachusetts orders. Orders placed after 2PM (ET) may be shipped the next business day. Shipping costs are determined by the total weight of the order and by the shipping method selected. They ship to Continental United States, Continental United States - P.O. Boxes, Alaska/Hawaii, and Canada. For international orders, the customer is responsible for any duties, taxes and/or customs charges that pertain to particular order.

Clickertraining: Payment Methods Accepted

Karen Pryor ClickerTraining serves its customers with the most convenient payment method. Payment to each purchased item can be paid though credit/debit card. They are accepting American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. The company also cater alternative mode of payment via Paypal – the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of paying bills. Only the above-mentioned payment method is acceptable this time. They are not accepting EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, QPass, etc. 

Clickertraining: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company Karen Pryor ClickerTraining guarantees to back all their products completely. If the product is defective in any way excluding damage by fault of delivery service, the company will honor a replace at the soonest possible time. Concern of return must be reported to the company within 30 days of receiving the product. They will immediately ship another product the day of alerts them with the problem.

Clickertraining: Product images & screenshots
Clickertraining Coupons
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